Heather’s Story: Adoption, Entrepreneurship, and Over 20 Years of MBC Living

I spoke with longtime MBC survivor, occupational therapist, and entrepreneur Heather about her 20-plus years of living with MBC; including adopting a child after diagnosis; and helping students with sensory issues thrive in the classroom.



  1. Wow I was diagnosed also in 98. February to be exact. While on chemo it spread to my bones. I got into the Herceptin trial back in Aug of 98 and that got me stable. It’s my miracle drug .I’m presently on it till this day. I am so happy you are doing well. My motto is just lets keeping counting up.

  2. Great interview-thank you for sharing. As a recently diagnosed MBC patient, it was much needed inspiration.

  3. This was very inspiring. As a newly diagnosed MBC patient (January 2020) it is so good to see stories like yours that give hope. Too often we lean towards the worst and give ourselves an expiration date because of the information that is out there. Like you said everyone is different and just keep going. Thank you for sharing your story.

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