1. This was such a heartfelt and honest conversation. The love and caring you have for each other shines through. You are lucky to have each other. Lindsey, I always admire your strength. You are doing a great service by forming this website.

  2. You both are so lucky to have each other. I have two sister and they are the best <3

  3. It is so valuable that you are sharing family and friend impact of your diagnosis for others. ALL people with a cancer diagnosis face implications for family and friends but especially a metastatic diagnosis. As you both explained – so many do not truly understand a Stage IV and what makes it different. So proud of you for using your talents and strength to share with others!

  4. Thanks for sharing Leslie’s perspective and for sharing what you value most and what you need to feel supported. You are lucky to have each other and the bond between sisters is soo special!

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